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John Iino delivers DEI keynote speech
John Iino speks to business leaders

John Iino
Speaking & Training

John inspires and trains leadership and employees on a wide range of DEI topics. His keynote speeches, group trainings and workshops, provide hands-on learning experiences that equip teams with practical tools and strategies. From inclusive leadership workshops to allyship training, he tailors programs to address your specific challenges and goals.

John's Keynote Speaking Highlights

John's keynote speeches and trainings are thought-provoking and inspirational, delivered to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. They are tailored to your organization and are designed to spark conversations, challenge perspectives, and ignite change, setting the stage for a more inclusive and progressive organizational culture.  His speeches and trainings are Continuing Legal Education (CLE) eligible. 

John delivers keynote speeches on DEI and trains leadership and employees on topics including:

  • Elevating the Power of Your DEI Programs.  Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization's DEI initiatives and to power up programming to have meaningful impact.

  • Busting the Asian American Model Minority Myth.  Learn about the Asian Model Minority Myth, its negative impact on Asian Americans and how to address and overcome the challenges posed by the Myth. (watch highlights video)

  • Leading Inclusively in a Divisive Environment.  Understand the importance of inclusive leadership in navigating divisive environments, emphasizing empathy, collaboration, and respect for diverse perspectives to foster unity, productivity, and progress.

Caroline Leach

 Executive Coach and Former Communications & DEI VP at DIRECTV

“John’s talks deliver high-impact advice about leading inclusively. His expertise and insights are much needed in today’s business world.”

Alexis Tirado

Senior Director of Worthi

“Thank you for bringing your wisdom and vulnerability to our DEI panel- I learned so much from you.” 
Organizations Inspired by John's Speaking and Training
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