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Cumbre Alta Advisors provides consultations on a wide array of DEI programming, all with a goal of creating a more inclusive culture and empowering leaders and individuals to maximize their potential.


We help DEI professionals address difficult challenges throughout their DEI journey, such as getting leadership buy in, addressing divisive factions, communication breakdowns, or designing effective programs, policies and procedures.

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Consultation Areas: 

  • Assist in building, developing and advancing an organization’s DEI programs

  • Addressing why DEI efforts aren’t yielding as much success as desired or aspired

  • Assist in marketing and business development efforts with customers who prioritize diversity in service offerings

  • Identify challenges and offer practical and tactical solutions

  • Evaluate program weaknesses and make recommendations, including:

  • increase productivity

  • reduce attrition, esp. among diverse talent

  • address pipeline of high potential diverse talent for senior positions

  • Developing effective communication methods for getting organization support for DEI programs

  • How to reach allies and other supporters

  • Transform your organization’s culture to a culture of inclusion and instilling a sense of belonging in their employees

  • Convince leadership on the value of DEI programming

  • Help address lack of institutional support for DEI programs

Caren Ulrich Stacy, CEO,  Diversity Lab & Lead Advisor to the US Patent & Trademark Office for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Accessibility 

“Although change management is often challenging, John brings incredible kindness, patience, and a growth mindset to every interaction. No matter the role —expert, speaker, advisor, colleague, coach or friend —
I would give him five stars. “

Michele Silverthorn  Founder Inclusion Nation

“I one million percent recommend John Iino! He is outstanding at DEI work and will transform the cultures of your companies. "

Sandra Yamate, CEO,  Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession (IILP)

"John Iino knows DEI, but more importantly, he understands what it takes and how to accomplish organizational DEI goals and objectives. John not only thinks strategically, he implements realistically. John’s DEI expertise is thoughtful, considered, and impactful. He’s one of the best out there!"
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